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We supply industrial equipment,
components and spare parts

Direct supply of equipment for food, metallurgical, engineering and energy industries

Equipment catalog

Машины и оборудование | Контрольно-измерительная техника | Электрооборудование | Приводная техника | Запасные части для спецоборудования | строительная техника | Инструменты | Материалы

Manufacturers catalog

Hovmand|Ховманд, WIKA, Zeintra, Spirax Sarco, Siemens|Сименс, Sivag, Nilfisk|Нилфиск, Wagner|Вагнер, Gebruder Becker, HYMO

The range of products
supplied by us
is much wider

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WenAS e.K. Trading & Logistics

WenAS e.K. Trading & Logistics is your professional partner both in the supply of components and industrial equipment, and in the field of transport and logistics services to the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

We realize your order in Europe and deliver your goods to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan.

At the request of the client, we carry out the purchase and storage of various goods from several manufacturers with their further consolidation and transportation under one transport document.

Consolidation of purchases leads to a reduction in transportation costs due to a decrease in the number of purchases of small batches of materials, an increase in the load of vehicles

  • Goods from different suppliers

    Each item will be shipped individually and postage will be charged for each package

  • Consolidation all to one box

    If you collect all packages in our warehouse we can consolidate them in one bigger box

  • Save 50-80% on shipping

    Plus we give you additional discount on shipping due to negotiated lower rates due to our high volume

Shipped orders

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