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Consolidation of goods

WenAS e.K. Trading & Logistics carries out the purchase and storage of various cargoes from several senders for their subsequent transportation under one transport document.

Consolidation of purchases leads to an increase in the efficiency of purchases and production due to:

  • reducing the number of suppliers, establishing partnerships with them; rationalization of logistics processes;
  • expanding the number of procurement participants;
  • improving the professionalism of persons engaged in procurement activities;
  • reducing the cost of materials due to the reduction of purchase prices (obtaining discounts) with an increase in the volume of purchases;
  • reduction of transportation costs due to a decrease in the number of purchases in small batches of materials, an increase in the load of vehicles; reducing the level of total stocks of consumers;
  • strengthening control over procurement costs;
  • reducing the costs of conducting procurement procedures: the cost of concluding contracts and supplying materials, monitoring their implementation and, consequently, reducing the cost of procurement logistics;
  • high productivity, including when picking goods and sending them to consumers; efficient use of not only financial, but also human and time resources; quick adaptation to changes in supply volumes.
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