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Preparation of customs/export documents

WenASe.K. Trading & Logistics has two lines of business: supply of industrial equipment and components and transportation and logistics services with deliveries to the countries of CIS and Central Asia.

Quick delivery and smooth customs registration of cargo depend on the documents quality and accuracy.

The preparation of correct freight documents is crucial for successful export of goods from the EU to the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Our company takes on the preparation of a full package of export documents such as:

  1. invoice
  2. packing list
  3. export declaration
  4. goods accompanying documents, including CMR, bill of lading, AWB
  5. certificates
  6. other documents required by the customer

Thus we will be the only responsible point of contact for our client and will take care of all the concerns, ensuring delivery from one source.

If a customer has purchased the goods on his own and entrusted us with their delivery to the destination point, he can be sure to receive the highest quality logistics service in the shortest time possible with all export and transport documents in perfect order.

We assure that we will:

  1. check all freight documents and consistency between the goods and the documents
  2. if export documents are not proper, help to get the necessary documents
  3. fill in and prepare the necessary transport documents (CMR, AWB, CarnetTir)

As our experience shows, the right execution and control of documents from our side will help our client to get the goods quickly and without any hindrance.

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