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Modern and reliable industrial equipment

WenAS e.K. Trading & Logistics team specializes in supplying industrial equipment and components from Germany. Germany is one of the leading global manufacturers of industrial equipment and components, so we provide customers with high-quality products that are guaranteed to be reliable and durable.

Over 12 years of equipment supply from Germany, our connections with manufacturers allow us to offer our customers competitive prices on all types of equipment and components.

WenAS e.K. Trading & Logistics offers a wide range of equipment and components for various industrial sectors, such as engineering, electronics, medicine, chemical industry, food industry, and others.

We only work with verified suppliers and manufacturers, which ensures the high quality of our products and compliance with all quality and safety norms and standards.

Our team provides a full cycle of supply services, including choosing the necessary equipment and components, export documentation, and delivery to the destination.

In addition, we provide warranty and after-sales service for equipment.

Our mission is to provide you with high-quality equipment and components from Germany on mutually beneficial terms, which will increase the efficiency of your business and improve your competitiveness in the market.

We are ready to help you solve your tasks and are open to cooperation!

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